Friday Rides Departing from Rob's Performance Motorsports

  • 9:30 am -Yerke's Observatory/Lake Geneva- 5 hours with tour  Last chance to see the world's largest, 121 year old lens telescope. This tour is a unique experience, one of the few final tours available.  The Observatory will be ending all tours in October.  A must see for anyone that admires great architecture and/or the study of our solar system.  We must limit our group to 40 people as stipulated by Yerkes.  Admission is $10 per person.  First come, first served with a standby signup pending cancellations.

  • 10:00 am - Honey Acres Museum - 2.5 hours Honey museum, retail store and manufacturing plant

  • 10:00 am - Kettle Moraine Twisties - 2.5 hours (see prior listing)

  • 11:00 am - Wisconsin Auto Museum - 5.5 hours  Please consider catching a bite to eat at Rob's before we leave at 11:00. Picturesque countryside roads to explore the Nash Car Club, Short Track Hall of Fame and more! Those who appreciate the automobile and locomotive history shouldn't miss this ride! Plan on a 5 to 5.5 hour tour.  Ride time is roughly 3 hours (1.5 each way) and we'll spend 2-2.25 hours at the museum.  We'll make a quick stop at the Scoop De Ville Ice Cream Shop before heading back to Rob's.  Museum Admission $10, $8 for Seniors.


     2017 Kettle Moraine Twisties GPX file *

     Approximately 80 miles/2+ hours

     2017 Kettle Moraine Twisties Turn by Turn & Points of Interest PDF File

     2018 Holy Hill GPX file *  UPDATED 08/12/2018 FOR DETOUR!

     Approximately 80 miles/2+ hours

     Holy Hill Virtual Tour

     2018 Holy Hill Turn by Turn & Points of Interest PDF file

Click the desired GPX file(s)* and download to your computer (download button upper right corner).  Load the file into your GPS using the proper software.  BaseCamp, provided by Garmin free of charge here, was used in our testing with a Garmin Zumo.  Once downloaded to your computer and sent to your GPS, locate the track on your device, then Convert to Trip.  This will create a Route (located in the Trip Planner app of a Garmin). Use the associated PDF file listed above to verify the directions (or navigate the old-fashioned way) and learn of a few points of interest along the way. 

To get the most accurate duplication of our "Trip", we recommend the following Navigation settings on your GPS before you Convert to Trip:
     Calculation Mode=Curvy Roads

     Avoidances=Highways, Unpaved Roads

     Transportation Mode=Motorcycle
     Off-Route Recalculation=Prompted  (Recalculation will result in a direct route back to Rob's.)

* Disclaimer: This is our first attempt at sharing GPX files. We assume you know how to utilize GPX files with your GPS device.  Sorry, we are unable to provide GPS support. 


"Unofficial" Thursday Morning Rides Departing from Comfort Suites

  • 10:00 am - Baraboo Bluffs - 7 hours Ride beautiful roads to Devil's Lake.  Cross the WI River on the Merrimac Ferry.  Lunch stop at Fitz's on the Lake.

  • 12:00 noon - Kettle Moraine Twisties - 2.5 hours includes a LeDuc's Custard stop. Come ride the remaining chain of Waukesha County's Rustic Roads that wind through the Nashotah and Nemahbin Lakes area before heading into the Southern Kettle Moraine Forest.  

Sunday Pancake Breakfast Ride Departs from Comfort Suites 

8:00 am - Sunday morning we gather for an inspiring message and Spyder/bike blessing in the round. Then we line up for a 30 mile ride to our breakfast Farwell.


                      SELF-GUIDED TOURS!

The fun kicks off with our "unofficial" Thursday morning guided rides leaving from the Comfort Suites host hotel.  Guided rides and self-guided explorations continue throughout Friday and Saturday.  If you're planning to join in on any of our group tour rides, please review the SOAR Ride Guidelines page.

Saturday Rides Departing from Rob's (unless specified otherwise)

  • 5:30 am - Sunrise Breakfast Ride - Departing from Comfort Suites  Duration: 3 hours
    Ride to Palmyra's Edge of Town Cafe for breakfast and make it back in time for the Spyder Game

  • 11:00 am - Lake Country Women's Ride - 4 hours  Travel east to Lake Country.  Stop for lunch at Delafield Brewhaus.  Visit Roost Mercantile and Coop, a unique marketplace featuring vintage finds, upcycled, reassigned and homemade designs.

  • 12:00 pm - Southeast Countryside - 3.5 hours  Explore Wisconsin's charming countryside!   Winding roads and scenic views.