In order to give all of our wonderful friends and family and opportunity to visit other events, we have decided to hold the Spyder Rendezvous on EVEN YEARS ONLY. Rob’s will hold a HUGE 1 DAY APPRECIATION PARTY ON ODD YEARS. Employees, SOAR members and all Spyder owners are invited to the Rob’s appreciation party which will include rides, games, a cookout and huge entertainment… and maybe a few surprises. We will not block hotel rooms for the party, so if you plan on staying in the area, make reservations early.

We have also moved the dates of the Rendezvous and party to early June each year. The first Rob’s appreciation party will be held on Saturday, June 8th, 2019. 
The Spyder Rendezvous will return even better in June of 2020.

Change is a good thing, and this move to an every other year rotation will make for an even better Rendezvous! Mark your calendars now and watch for exciting details to follow after January 1st.

The whole team at Rob's would like to thank everyone who took the time to spend their weekend with us at the 6th Annual Spyder Rendezvous! We had an awesome time and truly appreciate everyone involved. Check out the recap video above of yet another successful Rendezvous!



               BIG CHANGES!

As humans, most of us naturally try to avoid change, we like things to stay familiar and comfortable. Well, SOAR & Rob’s Performance Motorsports thinks CHANGE CAN BE GOOD and have decided to shake the Spyder Rendezvous up a little!

Recently the Rendezvous Planning Committee and staff of Rob’s Performance sat down to brainstorm on how we can make things even better while giving our family and friends an opportunity to experience other Spyder events. We know there are several owner’s events each year, but most of us have a limited amount of time and financial resources so we must pick and choose where to visit.